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Interactive Q&A Video Blog
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Dr. Karyn Answers Your Questions (Success Skills, Mental Health, Careers)

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Leadership Training Events

“Strategic Career” & “Dare To Dream”

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Motivational Keynotes

10 Keynotes To Choose From (Motivation, Confidence, Career)

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Teacher Testimonials

  • “The messages are outstanding. Students and teachers found something they could connect to or were inspired by. Students really got to see that all people have challenges to work through on the road to success. This is a great guidance supplement!”

    –Teacher, Grade 8
  • “This resource is excellent. I see high value in this as an educational resource. The video segments are excellent (I watched 4 of them) and they are HIGHLY relatable to the curriculum and teens in general…”

    –Teacher, Grade 10 Introduction To Business
  • “The Career Studies Class has needed a new and modern approach to outdated examples – this is it…”

    –Teacher, Grade 10 Careers
  • “5/5! I watched 7/10 episodes and the more I watched the more I enjoyed and took away awesome valuable lessons. Overall the resource is very interesting, thought provoking and entertaining. The introspection of leaders was educational for teachers and adult students.”

    –Teacher, Adult Literacy / PLAR Prep Gr.9/10 Level
  • “Students were engaged and listening to the entire interview. Content was interesting and motivating.”

    –Teacher, Gr. 10 & 11 Boys PE
  • “A 5/5. Organized, relevant content, good timing for one period (70 minutes), easy to use! Great for careers class. Great value... The worksheet is really helpful and applicable and connects to many areas in a student’s life.... This is one of the first worksheets that I have seen that looks into Emotional Intelligence and Self Awareness; this is very applicable to the Business Leadership and Careers course especially.”

    –Teacher, Gr. 10 Careers
  • “I found the entire resource to be helpful. I like the “turnkey” approach with the Pre & Post lesson videos as well. I love the Connection, Practice & Application format especially the connection to success principles. This is lacking in our curriculum today and badly needed.”

    –Teacher, Gr. 10 Introduction To Business
  • “A great idea to give students an opportunity to listen to various people with different experiences. The pictures included and biographies provided captured their attention.”

    –Teacher, Gr. 7
  • “I really liked the resource– especially for adult education... Most helpful is that it is visual, inspirational and directly involving the “hero”. My adult students could identify with the obstacles faced by the sport heroes and trade persons ... anxiety, fear of failure, feeling stupid ... are all common emotions experienced by our students... These Success Stories could be useful in replacing / complementing sections of the Leadership and Peer Support Course (GPP30) and several of the parenting courses (HPW3C) and in various sections of the different levels of English being taught.”

    –Teacher, Concurrent Education, Adult Education
  • “It was wonderful to have a resource for students to hear successful individuals talk about the difficult topics and strategies in their life. As a teacher, it was helpful to have inspirational stories from individuals who are successful and well known on hard topics such as volunteering for experience... The most helpful part of the resource is the “After The Show” segments. They were helpful for students to fully grasp all of the important strategies from the Success Stories.””

    –Teacher, Literacy & Basic Skills, Adult Education