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About Dr. Karyn Gordon

Dr. Karyn is the CEO of dk Leadership: Teaching Success Principles For Full Engagment In Work / Life, and the Producer / Host for “Success Stories With Dr. Karyn”. In addition she is the relationship / career expert for Good Morning America (USA), Cityline (Canada), New York Parenting Magazine and Chatelaine.  A best-selling author, corporate trainer and motivational speaker to more than ½ million people, her mission is to inspire people (from students to CEO’s) to dream their best life, learn the tools and do it! She is passionate about teaching Succcess Principles (Emotional Intelligence / EQ Including: Motivation, Time Management, Organization, Confidence, Communication & Career Direction) to develop thriving relationships at home (With Ourselves; Parents & Kids/Teens; Husbands & Wives) and at work (Intergenerational: Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X, Boomers, Traditionalists; Mentors & Mentees; Teachers & Students).

Best-Selling Author & Education

She is the best-selling author of Dr. Karyn’s Guide To The Teen Years (Harper Collins) and has written 3 additional resources for parents, teachers & counselors. She has a Bachelor in Psychology, a Masters in Counseling, a Doctorate in Marriage & Family and has done extensive studies in generational differences, personalities, leadership & Emotional Intelligence. Ten years ago, she began transferring her knowledge of Family Systems to Organizational Systems and has now provided training for 1000’s of Senior Managers and CEO’s across many industries and sectors throughout North America.

Motivational Speaker

A dynamic motivational speaker, Dr. Karyn’s gift is communicating passionately & pragmatically to a broad audience from students to CEOs. Her expertise is sought by leaders across Canada and the US who want to build exceptional relationships at work and home. She has given over 1000 keynotes to many diverse audiences across all industries, including Fortune 500 Companies (CEOs and HR Managers), Government Agencies, Educational / Parenting Conferences, and various professional groups  (Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists, Lawyers, Judges, Accountants, Technology, Automotive, Trades, Construction, Finance, Business, Banking). Some of her speaking engagements include: The New York Times, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ontario Family Judges, Magna International, Sudbury Regional Hospital, The Utility Contractors Association and the Economic Development Conference for Government Of Alberta.

Founder of dk Leadership: An Inspirational Leadership & Coaching Center

For 20 years Dr. Karyn, along with her associates, has built a thriving counseling practice for families in Toronto. In 2011 she expanded her work to New York City and in 2013, John Prato, The Consul General of Canada in New York, hosted a reception at his Manhattan residence honoring the work she has done for New York families and organizations.  In 2013 she and her team launched the wildly creative dk Leadership. Designed as a New York loft, this space includes The Leadership Studio, offering inspirational all-day events for teens & adults, and The Coaching Studio, offering individual counseling for clients (teens, parents, families) from all over North America.

Origin Of Her Leadership Events & TV Show – “SUCCESS STORIES WITH DR. KARYN”

Widely recognized for her work specializing with young people (Gen Y/Z) , Dr. Karyn started receiving calls from 100’s of organizations in recent years (Fortune 500 companies, Government, Healthcare, Trades) to help them manage and recruit this next generation in the workforce. As she trained Industry Leaders, she learned firsthand where the jobs were and most importantly what young people needed to do to give themselves a competitive edge. This was powerful information! Meanwhile, she repeatedly heard from young people that they felt overwhelmed by too many career choices. So to bridge this gap, she started developing all-day events at her Leadership Studio including: Dare To Dream (Teaching EQ: Motivation, Time-Management, Organization) and Strategic Career (Teaching EQ: Passion, Personality & Career Direction). For her Strategic Career course she interviewed over 50 Industry Leaders in the span of just over 3 weeks for a podcast series. This experience changed her! She learned that although every leader has a unique story, the consistent undercurrent to their success was their Emotional Intelligence (resilience, confidence, discipline etc.).

She knew this podcast series had the potential to be a TV show, and within 10 months she had produced (with her exceptional team) the new TV series “Success Stories With Dr. Karyn”, in which she sits down 1-on-1 with Industry Leaders (CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, NBA, NHL) to hear their stories. Beautifully set in her “New York Loft-Styled” office, Dr. Karyn demonstrates her unique gift of getting leaders to “go deep,” sharing stories they’ve never told before, and allowing each of us to hear their full Success Story, with powerful transferrable lessons for all! This series is broadcast on Rogers TV and is also available for schools to license as part of a School Membership (also includes an Educational Tool-Kit & Interactive Q&A Video Blog). Above all, Dr. Karyn remains passionate about equipping youth, their parents and Industry Leaders with practical skills so that future generations can be successful in their lives and careers!